Cancer data in your community

County-level cancer data can help you identify community needs, plan evidence-based interventions, and raise awareness in your community.

Explore our interactive County Cancer Data Dashboard or download a printable PDF for your county.

County Cancer Data Maps
Interactive Data Dashboard

Use our interactive County Cancer Data Dashboard to explore the latest data about cancer risks, screening rates, and health outcomes for every county in Wisconsin.

Printable Profiles

Our County Cancer Profiles offer a printer-friendly snapshot of cancer outcomes and risk factors for every county in Wisconsin. In 2021, we updated the profiles with the latest available data.

View the Archive for County Cancer Profiles from past years.

2021 County Cancer Profiles

To view the printable PDF version of your County Cancer Profile, select a county name from the drop-down menu below, and then click "View Profile."

Looking for state-level data? 

Our updated State Cancer Profile, featuring statewide cancer statistics, risk factors, and national comparisons, is coming soon.


2019 County Cancer Profiles
2019 State Cancer Profile

Statewide cancer statistics risk factors, and national comparisons:

An archive of earlier county profiles is available from the Cancer Health Disparities Initiative.